The Truth about Divorce in the U.S. & the Potential Impact on Children & Families: Part I:

This is a article published in Outlook Magazine.

Have you heard the Good news about the TRUE Divorce Rates in America? The estimated rates for divorce supported even by the US Bureau of the Census have been has high as 60 to 70% for marriages. However, reported in The GOOD NEWS ABOUT MARRIAGES, (2014) SHAUTNI FELDAHN AND TALLY WHITEHEADS’S book, and corrected by the US Bureau of the census, reports that the true projected divorce rate for 2014 is on average 31% for all marriages. This takes into account first and second marriages. An estimated current rate of divorce for first marriages in the US is 20% to 25%; 34% for second re-marriages, creating a national average of closer to 31% for all marriages combined.

Serial transitions in and out of marriage/divorce/cohabitation is now a typical form of family life in the US but has significant consequences for children .  By the age of 15, 29% of US children experience two or more mother partnerships, either marriage or cohabitation. Unfortunately for the children, the more parental partnerships (transitions in and out of couple relationships) that children experience, the lower their over-all emotional, psychological, and academic well-being. Children from divorce are 2x as likely to divorce. Many factors, approximately, 66% of the increased risk is attributed to the childhood factor of living thru the biological parental experience of divorce.

There are three primary and common mistakes parents can make after Divorce/Remarriage that are unique to the first marriage that affect children significantly. Part II of this series will continue these common mistakes and how to overcome! Carolyn owns Collaborate Counseling at or call 720-708-4865 to contact.