Success Factors for WORK: Take the Success Factor Scale test!

75% of job success can be predicted from a person’s overall work optimism, positive engagement, and support provision. (Shawn Achor,

Did you think it was hard work that got you a promotion? Most people do. Or perhaps a relationship with the “right” person can introduce you to the next company will take you to the next big position. However, research demonstrates key behavioral and attitudinal elements in your behavior, if implemented on a daily basis, can change the course of your career, life and lead to success and potential promotions in a short period of time.
I have introduced the Success and Happiness Guru, and Harvard Researcher, Shawn Achor,
(, before, in regards to his research on Happiness and an Attitude of Gratitude and how it can impact your daily life. Here is his most recent post and quick test on how your attitude can impact this year’s results at work! Take it and see where you stand.
Perhaps a shift in thinking could result in big rewards for 2016?!

Here is the link to the survey/test

Good Luck