Teaching Good Behaviors to Kids!

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Here is a great tool and fun activity for you and your young children to do together while also helping them to learn how to do chores around the house and learn good behaviors. Instead of arguing and dealing with whining behavior..make it fun! Remember, creating new habits takes 21 days!


How do you get kids to behave? That’s a question almost all parents ask themselves at one time or another. Raising your voice sometimes helps. If that doesn’t work, most parents try punishing kids for misbehavior with a time-out or taking away privileges. Sometimes these punishments work, and sometimes they don’t But I’ve got an easier way that’s less wearing on you and your kids. Take a few minutes each day and teach kids to be good. This may seem like obvious advice and yet many parents I speak to don’t take the time to teach their children the importance of good behavior. When you take the time to talk to your children about the importance of good behavior, and you follow it up by praising your children when they show good behavior, you are setting the groundwork for a lifetime of compassion, empathy, and value-driven behavior. This coloring book helps you start a program of teaching good behavior to young children. Just follow these simple steps:

Give your child a new coloring page every day for at least 21 days. Three weeks is the average time it takes for kids to learn a new behavior.

  1. After your child colors in the page, take a few minutes to talk about this behavior and in particular, why this behavior is important to you.

  2. Then tell him or her: “Let’s see if you can do what is in the picture. If you do ___________________ (describe the picture), you can color in a star.

  3. Post pictures that show behaviors that are particularly important to you in an obvious place, like on your refrigerator.

  4. Once or twice a day, remind your child about the importance of good behavior and explain why this behavior is important, and in particular, how it makes you feel.


Link to the downloadable coloring book created by the above author and therapist,

Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph.D;



Enjoy and start creating some new habits and have fun at the same time with your children during family time.


Carolyn Placzek

Collaborate Counseling