Couples Who Have the Best Sex Have This in Common

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“For spouses or partners who have been together for many years, their sex lives have a lot to do with how they interact outside of the bedroom. A recent study finds that couples’ levels of responsiveness—how attentive they are toward each other and how special they make each other feel—is directly associated with how much they desire each other sexually.”

Emotionally Focused Therapy’s founder and Developer, Sue Johnson has been describing this same relationship finding and outcome  for couples and their relationships for over 30 years! The more attuned and aware we are of our partners wants and desires, and our own ability to  express our own deep emotional and physical needs, the stronger our bond with our partners will be.

John Amodeo in his book, Dancing with Fire, A Mindful Way to loving Relationships*, explains intimacy even further.

Love and intimacy require openness, but this doesn’t mean collapsing into passivity. Intimacy is nourished as we continually reveal what we are experiencing: how we feel, what we want, and how we’re affected by each other. we  can have fulfilling relationships to the extent that we notice how we are being affected by life and each other, while being similarly curious about other’s experiences, and conversing skillfully when our wants or views collide.”

Both Dr. Johnson and Dr. Amodeo are referring to a deeper connection and understanding between partners that allows for intimacy on all levels: emotional, physical and spiritual.  CLICK on the link for the rest of the article!


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