Feeding Inner Strengths building New Positive Traits: Another Step in a Mindfulness Practice


Dr. Rick Hanson, in his latest article in Psychotherapy Networker Week in Review: 9/5 – 9/9, discusses how we weave together new inner traits based on brain science, neuro-biology, experiences that we go thru and a desire to make changes in our life.  What we choose to feed our brain on a daily basis, will show up in our attitude, resiliency, positive emotions, gratitude, emotional intelligence, insight, compassion, somatic inclinations (grit, helpfulness, vitality) wisdom, energy generosity, and be developed further in either a positive or negative form of expression.

Take a look at his speech from a 2014 exposition that he attended and spoke at to learn more about change in our lives, how we can affect change at all levels and the story of the Two Wolves. Which one do each of us feed every day?