Americans are more Tired and Exhausted..Are You?



What’s going on with US? Americans are even More Tired and Exhausted than Ever!

Take a look at the latest from Pew Research Center on the statics of working parents and balancing family life.  Most American’s are still struggling with balancing life, family, while promoting a career at the same time.  Research suggests, dual careers, are providing  a more equal balance in our home life but women still doing slightly more work.  The Pew Research center breaks down the varied family and work situations to an interesting degree, and with great insight.  When discussing

Raising Kids and Running a Household: How Working Parents Share the Load:  In Close to Half of Two-Parent Families, Both Mom and Dad Work Full Time

“Why, in the midst of so much excitement and opportunity, has life satisfaction declined so much?  Why is depression the commonest illness in the Western world?

And why, when most infectious diseases have been conquered and rates of heart attacks and strokes have been reduced, do so many people report that they are feeling ill?’ asks author Louise Carpenter. in her article called The Exhaustion Epidemic, (

More and more clients and individuals are making the connection between mind, body, spirit or emotions. We cannot separate out our physical and emotional well being. Not managing our time, stress and anxiety is taking a toll on a great many of us on a daily basis. So, how do we manage better?

Time is a limited resource, we all know this and deal with time issues every single day. The average person has 40 hours of leisure time a week but will report less than 20! Why is this?  Interestingly, researchers have logged the above statistic for the average person.  Most will not believe the fact, that we on average have 40 hours of leisure time a week!! It might not “feel” like you have that much time a week after all the obligations you have committed to, family time, work time, etc., but there is some time management opportunities to check this out for yourself!

I suggest, taking a journal, a time management type tool that you make up and is convenient for you to carry around with you for one week. Right down what you are doing in 10 minute increments. You might be amazed at what you find yourself doing! We on average waste a great deal of time on activities that are not as important as we think.

investment principles, time management objectives, personality differences, all contribute to lives of “busyness”.

However, it can be easy to argue that some people are more organized than others, there is caution in confusing “personality differences” with time management skills or choosing different life decisions for yourself or your family.

Live intentionally! Set obtainable, observable, and measurable goals that you can discuss with the people/family members in your life.

Be Mindful, of every moment. When we live in the moment, we do not miss the moment. We gain back the moment instead of living in the past or the future. This might seem simple but we lose so much by not living in the moment!

There are ways to “gain” back time…sometimes we have never lost it, we just need to re-organize our life to realize what we are missing, and how to see the time that we do have on a daily basis, and realize how sweet it is, and value what we do have, when we have it!