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Potential issues with long distance co-parenting

Accepting change   Not many things containing the words “long distance” are easy or come naturally, least of all maintaining relationships. However it is possible and it can work. You have to accept certain things when you take the step or should I say plunge into the world of long distance co-parenting. If you are

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Dealing with high conflict in co-parenting

Sadly many people go through high conflict divorces; equally unfortunately this can often transition in to a high conflict situation for co-parenting. High conflict in the context of marriage, divorce and co-parenting generally refers to aggression, tension and bad feeling between parents. Something I’ve talked about before is doing your best to shield your children

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Divorced? What not to expose your kids to

These are going to seem obvious whilst simultaneously at times seeming completely impossible. Frustration, passion and bitterness all get in the way of trying to do the right thing and cloud judgement. That being said, no matter the situation you need to shield your kids from what you can for their own mental wellbeing.  

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Americans are more Tired and Exhausted..Are You?

  What’s going on with US? Americans are even More Tired and Exhausted than Ever! Take a look at the latest from Pew Research Center on the statics of working parents and balancing family life.  Most American’s are still struggling with balancing life, family, while promoting a career at the same time.  Research suggests, dual

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Dating Tips for While in a Co-Parenting Situation

I have been working with so many clients on the issue of co-parenting and the struggles that families are facing.  For many, managing the different structures, emotional and physical barriers that children must deal with when living between the two worlds of parents after divorce for the adults, let alone children!   As adults and

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The Suicide Epidemic: 2016 Why is it 4 times more likely to hit the males in our lives?

As a Marriage and Family therapist, I work with individuals, couples, families, adolescents on a daily basis but suicide has hit my family on a personal level. My husband lost his son to suicide over 9 years ago and my 21 year old son has lost 6 friends to suicide since the age of 14,

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Would you like to be More POSITIVE? Do you know someone who is Negative?

      There are emotional and physical health risks of being too negative! Most people who are highly negative will in fact deny that they are negative! There is an approach that has been proven to work with these types of clients; it is to teach them to be more emotionally intelligent thru the

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Feeding Inner Strengths building New Positive Traits: Another Step in a Mindfulness Practice

Dr. Rick Hanson, in his latest article in Psychotherapy Networker Week in Review: 9/5 – 9/9, discusses how we weave together new inner traits based on brain science, neuro-biology, experiences that we go thru and a desire to make changes in our life.  What we choose to feed our brain on a daily basis, will

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How Political Leanings Boil Down to Moral Beliefs and Group Loyalties Ryan Howes • 9/6/2016

Take a look at this interesting article and link to a view that might enlighten us or at least give us a different view,  during this election time of the year!   Carolyn 720 323 2603

This heartwarming video reminds us of what’s truly important in life

The author believes that the only guide to keep us secure and happy is love and his message is that we should not postpone it but let the ’carpe diem’ motto enter our universe.  Enjoy the message of love, bonding, lifelong connection and story the author portrays between this lovely couple!