Couples and Marriage Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy Testimonials

•“One of the few approaches to marital therapy that has been proven to be effective.”—Jay Lebow, Ph.D, President, Division of Family Psychology of the American Psychological Association

•“EFT gives a proven road map to the process of change in couple therapy.”—John Gottman, Ph.D, Bestselling author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

•“EFT is one of the best documented, most substantive and well researched approaches to couple therapy.”—Alan S. Gurman, Ph.D

•“EFT has achieved an astounding 75 percent success rate. Results are lasting!”—American Psychological Association

EFT/Couples Therapy Can Help with these concerns:

•Dealing with life transitions, new baby, children have left the home, managing an elderly parent and its impact on your marriage

•Your spouse/partner withdrawals from conversations and you are constantly pursuing for relationship?
Rebuilding after an Affairs

•Thinking of divorce/breaking off of partnership

•I don’t know if we love each other anymore, or we are just roommates.

•Increase of angry and resentful feelings in partnership or marriage

•You are just “alone” in your relationship, emotionally disconnected

What type of Therapy Works?

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT-C) is a research validated method of helping couples resolve relationship conflicts, improve emotional communication, and increase intimacy. In the EFT process of therapy, therapists, help you understand how relationships work at an emotional level where reactive emotions and negative cycles can hijack your interactions. We will support both of you and foster an environment where deeper emotions, old hurts, and important needs can be safely expressed and understood by your partner. Together, we can create new, positive ways of engaging that will strengthen your emotional bond, build resilience when coping with conflicts, and increase liveliness and spontaneity.
In EFT-C, emotion is seen as the key organizer of interactions and the transforming element in couple therapy. Partners are helped to explore their emotional responses to each other, become more aware of their deeper needs, and understand how their emotional vulnerabilities can drive escalating negative cycles. They are then guided into creating new, positive cycles of interaction by being more open about their deeper needs and emotionally responsive to each other at these critical moments.


How a "Secure Base" Promotes Sexual Exploration

In the video below, Susan explains how fostering strong emotional connections---or a "secure base"---allows partners to enjoy sex openly, honestly, and without judgment. What's more, Susan adds, waning sexual desire between partners usually isn't due to over familiarity, but emotional disengagement.

"In today's world, we're surrounded by impersonal sex," says Susan. "We're regularly told that sex in long-term relationships is almost always 'vanilla,' bland. But hundreds of attachment studies show that thrilling sex is about being secure enough to surrender to the moment---to let go and see what happens." Susan Johnson, EdD, the developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples and Families, is the director of ICEEFT – The International Center for Excellence in EFT.( 11/16/2016 Psyhcotherapy Networker)

Ester Perel speaks about long term desire, sex and commitment in lasting relationships!

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