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Call if you are Struggling with any of these issues: During Consult, will review additional topics if your specific family struggle is missed.

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Move Past the Issues Plaguing Your Family

Call me at Collaborate Counseling in Greenwood Village, CO

When your family is in the midst of a struggle, resolve conflicts amicably by coming to Collaborate Counseling. I believe in helping families find a solution to the cycles that continually stifle the dynamic within the home.
Together, we'll help you develop better communication techniques and work through any trauma or disconnect your family has experienced. Choose Collaborate Counseling in Greenwood Village, CO for help with conflicts stemming from:
  • Family planning
  • PTSD
  • Adoption
  • Domestic violence
  • Blended families
  • Family/work balance issues
  • Adolescence
Whether you're a newly blended family or have been together since the beginning, you'll find the help you've been looking for at Collaborate Counseling. I strive to help every member of your family feel appreciated to normalize the household dynamic.
If you feel like you're at the end of your rope with your family, rely on Collaborate Counseling in Greenwood Village, CO for help.

Common Goals of Family Counseling:

  • Resolving family conflicts and problems
  • Creating more positive family environments and experiences
  • Developing the ability to communicate more effectively, deeply and meaningfully
  • Learning, to guide the family through traumatic experiences that have happened and may happen in the future
  • Potentially normalize the stage and life cycle in are currently in and experiencing, provide tools and skills to help equip your family through the normal, yet confusing, difficult period of life
  • Working through trauma, or deep systemic, family wounds in the safe haven of therapeutic environment
Ultimately, Family counseling's goal should be to create a safe environment so that everyone has the opportunity to be heard, received, affirmed, and validated for their part and role in the family.

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