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Through my therapy practice, Collaborate Counseling near Greenwood Village, CO, I want to help you as my client gain the perspective that you need for coping with life's greatest challenges. I focus on fundamental issues - life transitions / health / relationships - as well as issues unique to women, couples and those who are experiencing divorce. It is my goal to bring about significant personal transformation in your individual and relational life, your health and even your professional career.

I am a survivor of breast cancer as well as stages of relational upheaval. And I am deeply familiar with the unique challenge of balancing a career with other personal responsibilities. As we undertake this journey of therapy together, it is my hope that my own experiences will engender the empathy, friendship and understanding of your situation that you are seeking.

Your personal healing and transformation is a richly rewarding journey that begins with a single, courageous step.

Learn techniques and rebuild trust so that a close, lively and satisfying relationship is possible for you once more.

Learn how this crisis period of your life can be painful and uncomfortable but also signify a new beginning for all involved.

Your family is as challenging and complex as it is beautiful. Learn how play can help children and families grow together.

Do you feel trapped in overwhelming circumstances? Is your marriage or a close relationship turning out differently than you had hoped? Are you facing an unexpected personal health crisis? Through our therapy sessions together, I will help you develop strategies for coping with everything that life brings into your path, both good and bad. We will partner together to move you from confused to confident, from fearful to fearless and from trapped to transformed.

And if you would like to seek therapy alongside a spouse or a partner, I have ample experience in leading therapy sessions for couples. In fact, a majority of clients report a 75% reduction in relational stress after only the first few sessions.

It's time to take your first step toward a healthier and more fulfilled you. Collaborate Counseling near Greenwood Village, CO offers our clients:

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• 25% off your first session
• A gifted therapist with wide-ranging personal experience

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