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A Newer and Healthier You

Empower yourself with individual therapy at Collaborate Counseling, serving Centennial, Englewood & Greenwood Village, CO

You may be seeking individual therapy for any number of reasons, from enduring new life challenges to coping with childhood trauma. Issues such as anxiety, depression, self-esteem, grief and loss can wreak havoc on one's ability to live life with a real sense of confidence and purpose.

Or perhaps you are interested in individual therapy because you desire greater self-knowledge. Maybe you are simply looking for someone who will act as a listening friend.

At Collaborate Counseling, I can help you achieve your emotional, mental and spiritual goals. Some clients I work with for as few as five or six sessions, and others for as long as several years. It all depends on you and your individual needs.

Therapy has helped me through my own struggles, and I know it can help you too. I believe that therapy and mental health should be viewed like a dental or medical check-up. Periodically you and I will touch base and revisit your goals and discuss your emotional health during various stages of your life.

It is a journey that I know you will find rewarding, and one that I view as my life calling. I hope you will join me today.

Families and Individuals Fighting Addiction


Individual counseling is often the first step on the way to a more positive outlook on life. Here are few of the issues that clients come to therapy for and are struggling with on a day to day basis:
  • depression
  • anxiety disorders
  • life transitions
  • grief and loss
  • spirituality overcoming depression, anxiety, stress
  • creating intimacy and trust
  • strengthening self-esteem
  • developing healthy boundaries
  • dealing with grief, loss, loneliness
  • loving without addiction
  • resolving career conflicts
  • overcoming codependency
  • resolving sexual difficulties
  • healing childhood wounds related to alcoholism, incest, and other traumas
  • learning effective communication and anger release
  • developing your ability to express healthy emotions
  • overcoming money and power struggles
  • working through midlife crisis
  • exploring purpose, meaning, spiritual growth
  • clarifying commitments
  • freeing creativity, spontaneity and joy
At Collaborate Counseling, we want to help individuals work thru the weight of stressful life stages and transitions. By working in collaboration with you to reestablish or establish in your life possibly for the first time, nurturing and healing possibilities of a future filled with your goals and objectives realized. Whether young or mature, our clients are treated with the utmost respect, integrity and confidentially.

Here is a wonderful video to help you spend a few moments of reflection to de-stress, reduce anxiety levels, and receive the benefits that research is stating will help us to reset our minds, body and spirit and overall health and happiness: take a look!

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