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Therapy for Every Couple

Grow together with couples therapy at Collaborate Counseling, serving Centennial, Englewood & Greenwood Village, CO

Every couple will at some point face obstacles to maintaining a close, lively and satisfying relationship. Sometimes those obstacles become so great that communication between partners breaks down, and both parties begin to feel disconnected and lonely. This leads to an unhealthy environment in which even the smallest critical comment or disagreement can spark yet another fight. Eventually, the two parties begin to feel more like roommates than loving partners.

This can change, and the spark that once sustained a marriage or other romantic relationship can return.

Through a blend of therapeutic techniques at Collaborate Counseling, I assist couples in rebuilding the channels of healthy relational communication. As we bring hidden issues to light, I will help each party in a relationship learn to express their emotions with heartfelt honesty and a mutual sense of respect. By practicing habits of good communication, anything is possible in a romantic relationship.

I hope you and your spouse or partner will join me on this vital journey of therapeutic collaboration and relationship growth. Let's begin to change... together!

Are you Asking these Questions Regarding your Partnership?

  • Do I really matter to you?
  • Can I turn to you for comfort and strength? If I am hurting or afraid, will you come to me?
  • Do you value me for who I am? Can I be my real self with you?
  • Are we in this together? Can I count on you to "have my back"?
  • Will You Be there for me?
  • Dealing with life transitions, new baby, children have left the home, managing an elderly parent and its impact on your marriage
  • Your spouse/partner withdrawals from conversations and you are constantly pursuing for relationship?
  • Rebuilding after an Affairs
  • Thinking of divorce/breaking off of partnership
  • I don't know if we love each other anymore, or we are just roommates.
  • Increase of angry and resentful feelings in partnership or marriage
  • You are just "alone" in your relationship, emotionally disconnected

FAQs About Couples Therapy

What kind of couples go to couples counseling?

Some people think seeing a couples therapist must mean there is something terribly wrong with them. They think they should be able to handle their concerns on their own. Fact is, couples therapy is beneficial to most relationships, even those without big problems. We can all benefit from improving how we communicate and relate to each other and we all inevitably get stuck in different areas of our relationship

What can couples therapy accomplish that we couldn't accomplish ourselves?

It is extremely difficult for any couple to stand outside their daily interactions so they can begin to look at the chains of events that lead to negative results. A couples therapist can help both partners gain insight into their relationship from an objective perspective, and help to facilitate new ways of positively interacting that lead to new understandings and different results.

Is there any guarantee that couples therapy will work?

Couples therapy is an experience where you are guaranteed to learn something new about yourselves and your relationship. For this learning to happen, you must both be open and willing to examine and express yourselves. Once you learn more about each other's feelings, perspectives, and ways of interacting, you will feel better equipped to make decisions about your relationship, and will have new ways to communicate with each other.

Is couples therapy really worth the money?

Couples therapy is an investment in having a stronger relationship. Over the long term it may prevent you from splitting up or getting divorced. It may save you from both great emotional and financial costs. You have to consider what your relationship is worth to you and whether or not you want to prioritize spending money on greater relationship satisfaction.

How many couples counseling sessions do we need to attend before we see improvement?

You can begin to implement changes in your relationship right away. After 5 sessions you will have a good initial understanding of the key "cycles" or the dance that you and your partner have established in your relationship. Many couples will see and experience success working within the EFT(emotionally focused therapy model) within 8 to 10 sessions. Depending on how much or if you have experienced any past trauma or abuse in your life the amount of sessions experienced for clients to meet their goals can range from 20 to 24 sessions based on documented research.

Can we pay with our insurance?

Couples therapy is not always covered by health insurance plans. Check with your provider to see if you have coverage. I do not work directly with any insurance providers, but can provide documentation to submit for "out-of-network" reimbursement, if you have this kind of coverage.

How confidential is the therapy?

When you see a therapist, your treatment record and the information you share is protected by strict confidentiality laws. This means that no one can get access to this information unless you both give your written permission. Certain exceptions do exist, so please read the full conditions of treatment here: Informed Consent to Treatment for Couples